With the introduction of the MagPi forming machine, SD Machinery has created an entirely new category of manufacturing equipment. No machine before has simplified the labor-intensive task of creating arcs of a specified radius.

The user loads the material to be formed (multiple thin layers of wood, steamed wood or heat-softened plastic) onto the horizontal bed while the machine’s work surface is in the lowest position, at approximately 32 inches above the floor. Roller clamps are placed over the material and secured to the machine’s movable arms. The user then simply presses the “form” button, triggering a series of arms, each pivoting at a different point and rotating at its own rate, to transform the bed from a flat surface into an arc of a gradually decreasing radius until the desired radius is achieved. After the adhesive has cured, or the material has cooled, the roller clamps are removed and the formed arc is finished. The user then returns the machine to the flat position and prepares the next arc.

The process is fast, accurate, and repeatable, saving time and eliminating the cost of materials used in traditional single-use forms.

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